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Tore Flåten ( left) and Bjarnulf Helgeland wish
you welcome to an enjoyable stay in the valley.

In "Kjerringhølen" we have an exclusive wilderness camp with "lavvo" tent and all
you need for a good time by the river !

Who are we?
WaterProof Flyfishing was founded in 2002 and is run by Tore Flåten and Bjarnulf Helgeland.  We know the river better than most people in the Numedalen valley.

We give fly fishing courses in one and two hand rods. We also guide individuals and groups that are interested in salmon fishing in the river Numedalslågen ( upper part mostly)

For companies we also can offer fishing trips for groups, including fishing, dinner by the river etc.

We are flexible and can arrange fishing trips with instruction / guiding of your interest.





News 2011
Fishing start 10 june, and last until 31 august.

Waterproof has this year rented two very good pools.

This is "Rien Pool" and "Grini Pool"
Rien is a are fished from the bank. Maximum 8 licences. Reasonable prices. ( NOK 350 per licence)

Grini is fishing with boat or from land.  This area was used every summer by rich English  men from end of the 18 century until the first world war. Until this year it has been private.
Price start at NOK 6000 for two days fishing. Gillie cost in addition. Includes one cabin and boat.

Detailed map here


Where are we?
We have our base in the southern part of Norway at Brufoss/Svarstad in Vestfold. Here we fish for salmon from June to mid September. This is the upper part of the river, and house the best fly fishing areas in this part of Norway.

 Day licences cost from NOK 200-400 per day. If you are an experienced flyfisher and only need some guiding for an hour or two, we are pleased to help you! We can also make bookings for you at different locations / pools included start guiding.

We really know the river and have lots of contacts, that makes it possible to vary fishing location and accomodation to fit your needs!


Frode at "Føssa".
Rusty Rat is a safe fly in August!

Contact information
If you are interested in more information we are pleased to help you:


Phone: +47 95 88 53 88 (Mr Tore Flåten)
Phone: +47 91 34 31 00 (Mr Bjarnulf Helgeland

August atlantic
salmon 2003!
6.5 kg

If you have any questions, please drop me a mail or simply call me!

Rien, one of the most popular areas


Fishing gear.
The river Numedalslågen is from 15 to 40 meters wide. We recommend rods from 13-15 feets, class 9-11. Floating line. Average salmon is 3-5 kg. Largest about 15 kg. 2004 biggest catch was 17,5 kg (spoon). Biggest caught on fly was 15,5 kg.

Links in this area of interest:
Brufossfisket (Fishing/accomodation)

Johnny with 12 kg june salmon, direct from the sea !

Pictures of our reccomended salmon fishing areas

"Rien" (South of svarstad)

"Kalleberg / Vabrottet" (Svarstad)

"Føssa" North of Svarstad


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